Deep Ellum



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Deep Ellum is listed on Reader’s Digest Best Short Books Under 150 Pages

Listed as one of Flavorwire’s 10 Must Read Books for March, 2014

Listed as one of Entropy‘s 10 Best Novels of the First Half of 2014

Made the 2014 Summer Reading List for Deep South Magazine


“…a miniature masterpiece of mood.”

                                                            — San Diego City Beat 

“Hobson is adept at matching mood with setting.”

                                                                          — The Dallas Morning News

“Restrained, dark, and strangely silent…If you’ve ever had a homecoming laced with sadness and longing, you’ll relate to it.”  — Ottessa Moshfegh, New York Times Bestselling author of Homesick For Another World

“With Deep Ellum, Hobson establishes a city that is as lively as Twin Peaks, a Walden that offers little peace, no meditation, a reversal of transcendentalism.”

Electric Literature 

“…told in a voice that is unsettling, familiar and, as it progresses, almost comforting.”

                                                                             —The Collagist

“…ultimately a story of appreciation and hope.”

                                                                                  — Southern Literary Review

“In his suffering wandering, [Gideon] is not unreminiscent of Holden Caulfield…”

                                                                                     — decomP Magazine

“Deep Ellum is a novel that applies pressure early on and does not let up.”

                                                                                    —Heavy Feather Review

“Deep Ellum is, at its core, an uncomfortable and sometimes terrifying spot of time in the tapestry of one family’s existence.”

                                             — Metrosphere

“Hobson is a very talented writer, and his prose is capable of making dark things shine.”

                                                                                                              — Atticus Review

“Deep is just where this narrator wants to go…”

                                                                         — The Brooklyn Rail 

“DEEP ELLUM is a novel of beauty and power, about family and transcending family, lives unwinding even as they tangle together. Brandon Hobson writes luminescent prose of hard-edged, quiet intensity. His narrator owns a voice at once mysterious and intimate, like a long-lost, slightly suspect friend returning to tell you how the world really is. In a mere 120 pages, Hobson fashions a universe so vivid you can read it in one sitting and stagger back to the world entranced.” —Jerry Stahl, author of Permanent Midnight

“If Dickens had written Through the Looking Glass or Alice in Wonderland, the result might have been Brandon Hobson’s magically irreal and raw take, taking us deep into DEEP ELLUM. This fever-dreamed novel is adept at offering a gripping journey, scored without traction, not slippery but mired up to its one-thousand-yard staring eyeballs in that delicious sensation of general dread, that exhausted exhausted static velocity, all that going, going nowhere very very fast.” —Michael Martone, author of Four for a Quarter

“Both dreamy and gritty, bleak and oblique, DEEP ELLUM treads the sketchy margins of Dallas, following one young man as he tries to reconnect with his family and reconcile his mystifying past with his uncertain present. Brandon Hobson’s mordant portrait of the lost and damaged among us recalls the estranged, drifting world of Denis Johnson’s Jesus’ Son.” —Stewart O’Nan, author of The Odds

“It’s a real gem! A dirty, rotten gem!” —Chiara Barzini, author of Sister Stop Breathing

“Among all the bloated bookstore shelves with bloated books by bloated major presses there’s Calamari Press and Brandon Hobson’s DEEP ELLUM—sleek and powerful like some bright firework rising from the bloat. I feel lucky to have discovered this book.” —Shane Jones, author of Crystal Eaters