Desolation of Avenues Untold


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Listed as one of Entropy‘s Best Fiction Books of 2015

“…a novel so varying and dynamic it defies easy classification…somewhere between postmodern satire and Bolaño-esque noir.” — The Collagist

“…Hobson writes novels that are very bright and incredibly dark, surprisingly funny and wonderfully complex.” — Vol. 1 Brooklyn

“This is a book about the fact that every idea is a fantasy, and how every fantasy affects reality…” 3 a.m. Magazine

“Born Chaplin is hiding Charlie Chaplin’s sex tapes—or at least that’s what the town of Desolate City, Texas thinks, and everyone from retired professors to exploitation film fanatics is on the hunt. This inventive, absorbing novel pulses forward with strangeness, tenderness, and humor as Brandon Hobson unveils the secrets down each avenue. Like one of the characters says, ‘Despite the loneliness I have to learn to trust everyone here. We all do.’”
—Chelsea Hodson, author of Pity the Animal

Desolation of Avenues Untold is enthralling on multiple levels: as a mystery, as a slapstick comedy, as an investigation of an arcane society, as the story of a shuffling life at the edge of things. I enjoyed it enormously and I can’t wait to see what Brandon Hobson comes up with next. He’s a marvelous storyteller.”
–Owen P. King, author of the novel Double Feature

“Brandon Hobson’s Desolation of Avenues Untold is at once both a wise commentary on loss and nostalgia and a very funny—and very paranoid—farce. Thomas Pynchon, David Lynch, and Philip K. Dick would all be perfectly at home in Desolate City, TX. A beautifully lunatic book.”
–Gabriel Blackwell, author of The Natural Dissolution of Fleeting-Improvised-Men

“The Pynchon of Oklahoma…This is American fiction at its Ray-banned, smoke-blowing, cameras-are-rolling coolest…”
Matt Bucher